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For the heavy wear and harsh corrosion conditions of the marine market, MIL-COMM now offers BOAT SAVER® -- an all-synthetic extreme performance lubricant/protectant that super-lubricates and protects boat hardware, cables, hinges, fittings, bolt-threads - whatever rusts and corrodes aboard ship.

BOAT SAVER's barrier can dispenser (an aerosol alternative technology) delivers synthetic light grease with an Isopropyl alcohol carrier. The product's alcohol propellant cleans metal surfaces and quickly evaporates, leaving an even, micro-thin coating of our military-grade, PTFE-particle based lubricant/protectant.

BOAT SAVER® is engineered to outperform and significantly outlast conventional marine lubricant products - and it does.

BOAT SAVER's performance is so measurably better that leading writers like "Cruising World's" Ralph Naranjo and "Motor Boating" Magazine's John Clemens swear that it's the best product of its kind.

SAIL Magazine, in fact, awarded Mil-Comm a "New Product Innovation Award" for BOAT SAVER marine lubricant, with SAIL Magazine's Technical Editor, Freeman Pittman, writing: "Sail slides, furling gear, windvane mechanisms and various bits and pieces tend to get sticky in the marine environment. Most spray lubricants either attract dirt or quickly wear off. But I've been using some new stuff called BOAT SAVER from MIL-COMM PRODUCTS, and I have to say it is both super-tenacious and extra slippery. Designed to military specs for use in extreme conditions, this nontoxic synthetic spray protects metal against corrosion, is water repellant, won't burn off or evaporate and does not gum up."

For both the leisure-time boating and commercial marine markets, BOAT SAVER® is the durable, long-lasting solution to corrosion and rust aboard ship.



In the 32,000 nautical mile "WHITBREAD" ocean race from England around the Southern Ocean and back to England, the 83-feet "maxi" yacht "UNION BANK OF FINLAND" made extensive use of BOAT SAVER extreme performance marine lubricant throughout the arduous circumnavigation of the globe. Skipper Ludde Ingvall reported the following: "During the race we experienced winds from zero up to 63 knots, and temperatures from 103-F in the doldrums to 28-F near the Antarctic ice. During the almost continuous gales in the Southern Ocean we averaged over 16 knots with some short periods over 20 knots. There is no more severe test of yachts and yacht equipment than the Whitbread Race. We used BOAT SAVER throughout the race to lubricate the rudder post and steering cables. The rudder is subjected to very high loads in big seas and strong winds, and it's critical that steering not unduly tax the physical strength and endurance of the helmsman. BOAT SAVER was also used to to lubricate the mainsail track on the mast. The titanium headboard on the mainsail must slide easily up and down the track when the sail is being reefed; it is most difficult and dangerous to hoist a man to the masthead in heavy winds and seas to clear a jam. The results we obtained using BOAT SAVER have been consistently excellent. It performed as expected under continuous high loads while subjected to salt spray during voyages up to thirty days. Parts lubricated with BOAT SAVER(R) required a minimum of maintenance while at sea. We also noticed that it has a very high degree of resistance to contamination by dirt or salt crystals and thus becoming abrasive. BOAT SAVER is an excellent product for marine use and we are grateful to have had it for use during the Whitbread."


"Union Bank of Finland Yacht"



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