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Welcome…here you will find important product information for Military applications.

Mil-Comm Products Company was formed in 1984 by former U.S. Navy gunnery officer Robert G. Furlong with the specific goal of engineering a new breed of next-generation extreme performance, non-hazardous, lubricants for military and commercial markets.

From its inception, the Company pursued a collaborative relationship with all branches of the U.S. Military, investing significant time and financial resources in R&D project work led by U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard program managers. By fielding veteran, expert weapons engineers to work directly with U.S. Military personnel, Mil-Comm has differentiated itself from other lubricant manufacturers – the Company has consistently taken the long view, engineering and re-engineering its products based on specific criteria provided to it by U.S. military weapons system program managers.

As a result, the company’s core formulation – TW25B® – and its derivatives now play a vital role in the supply mix of extreme performance lubricants currently supporting weapon systems fielded by the U.S. Military and 12 US-Allied Militaries.

The United States Department of Defense has issued the Company 20 NSN’s (National Stock Numbers) for the DoD supply system (with the same numbers also in use as NATO stock numbers).

In 2004 Mil-Comm was awarded a highly selective, “Ten-year, Sole-source Requirements Contract” for four of its extreme performance lubricants by the Defense Department’s Defense Logistics Agency.

In 2006, Mil-Comm was awarded a Gold Medal for exceptional supply service and reliability from The U.S. Defense Department’s Defense Supply Center.

Mil-Comm Products Company continues to build on its historically strong relationship with the U.S. Military through a combination of continuing product development, field testing and next-generation solutions.

Weapon System Approvals

U.S. Military Weapons Systems Approved for Mil-Comm Lubricants:


M61A1 (20 mm, 6 barrel Gatling guns) on all F-15, F-16 and FA-18 Jets
GAU-2C (7.62 mm Gatling guns) on al Attack and Pilot Rescue Helicopters
GAU-19 (50 Cal. 3 barrel Gatling guns) on “Black Hawk” Helicopters
MAU-12 Aircraft Bomb Racks and Missile Launchers


Mark 38 (25 MM Chain Guns and Mounts) common Cutters and other ships
Mark 75 (76 MM Anti-Aircraft and Close-In) High Cyclic Cannon


All Medium Caliber Machine and Gatling Guns, effective January 15, 2002

M61A1 and A2 Gatling Guns aboard “Harrier” and FA-18 Jets, effective September 2003
M-2 (50 Cal light weight) Machine Gun (Infantry and other wide use)
M-197 (20 MM, 3 barrel) Gatling Gun (Helicopters and Light Armored Vehicles)
GAU-17 (7.62 MM, 6 barrel) Gatling Guns (Assault Boats, Helicopters)
M-240 (7.62 MM, single barrel, light) Machine Gun (Many Uses)
M-60 (7.62 MM, single barrel, light) Machine Gun


MP3 (50 Cal, heavy) Machine gun aboard “Avenger” Air Defense Vehicle
M-134 (7.62 mm, 6 barrel) Gatling Gun on Attack and Rescue Helicopters
Mark-19 (40 MM) Grenade Launcher, pending manuals changes
Missiles Javelin, Sidewinder and AIM-9X Launch and Guidance Assemblies


F-35 JSF Next-generation successor fighter jet to the F-16; TW25B® is specified for the F-35’s two gun systems.
F-22 Raptor Next generation successor fighter jet to the F-15; TW25B® is Specified for the F-22’s 20 MM. Gatling Gun system.


Belgian Air Force Italian Navy Royal Jordanian Air Force
French Air Force Norwegian Air Force Singapore Air Force
Finnish Air Force Portuguese Air Force Swiss Air Force
Greek Navy Royal Canadian Military U.K. Ministry of Defense
Israeli Air Force Royal Netherlands Air Force UAE Military

Light Grease Lubricant/Protectant

TW25B® Light Synthetic Grease is Mil-Comm’s original formula and a top-selling, extreme performance firearms lubricant worldwide. Its exceptional performance in adverse conditions (sand, dirt, high-humidity, salt-water and extreme temperature environments) has made it the choice of the U.S. Military, leading law enforcement agencies and sport shooters worldwide. Provides ultimate lubrication protection for all wear parts and the bore; eliminates galling, short-stroking; improves bore accuracy; increases muzzle velocity…best choice for extreme pressure, heavy load bearing conditions. EXCELLENT for long-term storage, maintaining weapons in fire-ready condition. All-synthetic, non-toxic.

Oil Lubricant/Protectant (AKA “TW25B Oil”)

MC2500® Oil is engineered with the same chemistry that distinguishes TW25B® -- but it’s specially formulated in a lighter “oil” viscosity. MC2500® delivers the same exceptional performance that TW25B® grease is known for. Its lighter viscosity allows for easy migration to hard-to-reach weapon parts, such as trigger assemblies. Ideal for dispensing into parts where a full disassembly is neither desirable nor practical. Also excellent for general quick-lubrication replenishment to all parts. All synthetic, non-toxic.

Semi-Fluid Lubricant/Protectant

MC3000® Semi-Fluid Lubricant is a custom-blended, intermediate viscosity lubricant developed for applications demanding performance features ranging between those delivered by the viscosities of TW25B® Light Grease and MC2500® Oil. Mil-Comm formulated this extraordinary lubricant especially for use by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy 20mm gun systems aboard F-15, F-16 and FA-18 Fighter Jets. Effective for all types of weapons, but specially engineered for Gatling and machine guns operating in all climates and conditions. All-synthetic, non-toxic.

Heavy Bearing Grease

MC1210® Heavy Grease is an NGLI “Grade 2,” lithium-based, extreme duty grease that is ideal for challenging climates and use in marine conditions. MC1210® contains Mil-Comm’s legendary TW25B® lubricant as a core product component. MC1210® delivers outstanding performance for extreme pressure and heavy load-carrying weapons. Approved for shipboard use by the U.S. Navy and and U.S. Coast Guard, MC1210® extends the life of parts and reduces the frequency of necessary maintenance. Parts run smoother and cooler. MC1210® is proven to be superior on gun mounts, recoil mechanisms, and slow-moving machine parts. All-synthetic, non-toxic.

Weapons Cleaner/DeGreaser

MC25® Firearm Cleaner Degreaser is Mil-Comm Products’ environmentally safe, water based, pH balanced, non-toxic formula that emulsifies organic substances on contact including gun lubricants, powder residue and other debris. This non-toxic cleaner properly prepares all kinds of firearms for application of one of Mil-Comm Products’ extreme performance lubricants. Provides gentle, powerful cleaning and de-greasing action. (Not a solvent). All-synthetic, non-toxic.


Product Package Description Old Catalog # New Catalog # N.S.N./NATO #’S
TW25B® Grease 0.5 oz. syringe TW25B-1SY12 25151 9150-01-448-2266
TW25B® Grease 1.5 oz. tube TW25B-1SP11 25211 9150-01-439-0859
TW25B® Grease 4 oz. tube TW25B-4SP14 25241 9150-01-439-1873
TW25B® Grease 16.9 oz. EP spray TW25B-CA16EP 25381 9150-01-448-2298
TW25B® Grease 8 oz. jar TW25B-1JSL16 25361 9150-01-439-0858
TW25B® Grease 16 oz. jar TW25B-1JSL17 25331 9150-01-535-8338
TW25B® Grease 32 oz. jar TW25B-1JSL18 25861 9150-01-535-8687
TW25B® Grease 16 oz. caulk TW25B-INC17 25861 9150-01-439-1864
TW25B® Grease 16 oz. zerk TW25B-6NZ17 25701 9150-01-439-0857
MC2500® Oil 16 oz. bottle MC2500-16AP4 26461 9150-01-439-1875
MC2500® Oil 1 gallon MC2500-45AP5 26471 9150-01-439-1887
MC3000® Semi-Fluid 4 oz. bottle MC3000-4BLP4 30441 9150-01-475-3055
MC3000® Semi-Fluid 8 oz. bottle MC3000-8BLP8 30481 9150-01-475-3065
MC3000® Semi-Fluid 8 oz. jar MC3000-3SJL8 30381 9150-01-475-3064
MC3000® Semi-Fluid 16 oz. bottle MC3000-3BLP16 30461 9150-01-475-3067
MC3000® Semi-Fluid 1 gallon MC3000-1GLP17 30471 9150-01-475-3087
MC1210® Bearing Grease 14 oz. jar MC1210-8SLX19 12361 9150-01-470-2309
MC1210® Bearing Grease 14 oz. zerk MC1210-6ZX14 12701 9150-01-470-2386
MC1210® Bearing Grease 35 lb. pail MC1210-35PLX 12007 9150-01-470-2396
MC1210® Bearing Grease 55 gallon drum MC1210-90APX 12005 9150-01-470-2400
MC-25® Cleaner 4 oz. bottle MC25-04CL4 50441 N/A
MC-25® Cleaner 16 oz. bottle MC25-16CL 50461 N/A
MC-25® Cleaner 1 gallon MC25-1GAL 50071 N/A


Download instructions for applying TW25B® and its derivative lubricants:

Basic Application Instructions / All Weapons PDF
Mixing InstructionsPDF
Baretta M9 PDF
M16 & Variants PDF
N240 Machine Gun PDF
Mark-19 Grenade Launcher PDF
Mark-38 (M242 Chain Gun) PDF
M197 3-Barrell Gatling Gun PDF
M61/A1 Gatling Gun PDF
M134 Min-Gun PDF
Gau-2C Mini Gun PDF
Gau-2B/A Mini-Gun PDF



Lock Saver Lubricant TW25B Light Grease Weapon Lubricant MC2500 Oil Weapon Lubricant
MC3000 Semi-Fluid Lubricant Reel Saver Fishing Reel Lubricant Line Saver Lubricant